Saturday, May 16, 2015

Day two in Quebec

We slept in today so we started out around 10 o'clock. This morning we took the bus down to the Plains of Abraham. There is a lot of history here the most significant being the battle of the Plains of Abraham. It is a long stretch of land overlooking the river where Wolfe and Montcalm fought and Wolfe won the battle making Quebec part of The British empire and not part of France in 1759.  Now it is a beautiful park where you can stroll and take in the beautiful scenery. We then walked down to the old town but this time by a different route.  Because it is a holiday weekend in Canada there were a fair number of men dressed in period uniforms.  We of course had to have our pictures taken with several of them. 

We then climbed the St. Louis gate. The old city is actually a walled city with several gates in which to enter the city. It was steep but it was there so we climbed it.  

One of the great features of the city are the many lovely bistros where you can enjoy a nice lunch and a brew.  After lunch we walked back to the bus depot which was outside the old town to take the bus back to our hotel.  Sore and tired we went downstairs to the pool area and soaked our weary bones in the hot tub. 

Tomorrow we are taking a bus trip to Ste Anne de Beaupre. We don't take many bus trips but thought this was the best thing since it is north of the city and we ain't driving here. 


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