Friday, May 22, 2015

Our last full day in Montreal

Today was quilt fabric shopping day. We bought a day pass for the Metro (subway) and went looking for quilt shops. The first shop we found was a fabric store with thousands of bolts of any kind of fabric you could think of. I purchased some really nice cottons that I could use.  We decide to walk down Ste Hubert St to window shop all the beautiful stores. It turned out to be all bridal or grad dresses but we enjoyed them anyway. 

We found a quilt shop along the way but I didn't like the choice of fabric so we decided to stop for a coffee and then go back to the first store. We got back on the bus and Lynda had forgotten the bags at the coffee shop. She hopped off and I continued on and bought more fabric, of course. 

We then took the metro back down to old Montreal so we could spend our last day there. It was very cold again today so after a late lunch we took the metro back to our hotel. 

We are packed ready for tomorrow and having a quiet night and will be on our way home in the morning. 


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