Monday, May 30, 2016

Getting Ready For A Trip

Lynda and I are getting ready to go on another trip so that usually means more sewing or bag making.  I am the quilter-sewer but Lynda does a lot of visiting quilt shops in her area to check out fabric or patterns that she might be interested in having.  She found a pattern for a wallet that she thought she might like to have and also use it as a cross body purse.  She leaves fabric with me and lets me chose when making something for her.

The Necessary Clutch Wallet

I fussy cut the flap to showcase the two roosters and then just used the same fabric for the rest of the outside pieces.

The Inside

There is room for 16 credit cards as well as a zipper compartment for coins.  I put a security flap over the one open space because the wallet opens up very wide.  That would be a great place for a cell phone but you would have to make sure that it didn't fall out when the wallet opened.  Dollar bills go in behind the credit card slots.

I also made myself a new bag to carry my non essentials when on this trip.  We only put things that are not valuable in these bags so that if it is lost or there is any theft it is not a great loss.  So we would carry our umbrella, Kleenex, sunglasses, scarf, and maybe an extra pair of socks.  In the fall I would also put a pair of gloves in there.

The Tahoe Bag

I remade this bag and made it longer than what the pattern calls for because when I travel I take my cane with me.  My cane comes apart into two pieces and it will fit in the pocket inside the bag.

I also put a gusset in this bag which the pattern did not include.  It makes the zipper very neat and also lets the bag open wider.  I bought this fabric at the Creativ Festival in April.
I made the same bag for Lynda but made it the size that the pattern calls for.  It was posted a few day ago.

Keep your eyes on the blog for posts about our trip to Nova Scotia and PEI next week.


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Susannah said...

Hi Peggy! Vacation looks fun! I am going to Sew Jax in Orangeville next week to take a class to make a Neccessary Clutch Wallet. Small world. I am seeing Lynda in July and will bring it to show her then.