Thursday, June 9, 2016

We Have Arrived in Halifax

After overnighting  Toronto we have arrived in Halifax Nova Scotia.  We rented a car and started on our way.  With the help of the GPS we found our hotel our room wasn't ready so we decided to seek out a liquor or beer store and promptly got lost.  After asking for directions we found one.  By the time we got back the hotel our room was ready.  We unpacked and then decided to go downtown Halifax. 

We drove down to the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21.  Pier 21 was the place where all immigrants landed on Canadian Soil.

Some of my best friends came from Italy in 1950 and entered at this port.  A few years ago they put their names and their parents names up on the wall. 

There are hundreds of plaques on the walls

Suitcases hanging on a wall all decorated by students who were asked if you had to pack a suitcase to leave your home and go to a new country what would you pack.

Family Heritage wall

If you look closely you can see Lynda and I.

After we posted our picture it became large on the screen.

Tomorrow we will go back downtown Halifax to the Citadel and other tourist


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