Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bruce Canyon Vest

I am taking a class in February to make the Bruce Canyon Vest.  I have picked out the fabric but can't decide on the final colours.  If anyone has an opinion please let me know.  I realize that colours don't show up too good sometimes on websites but I am going to post them anyway.  The first picture is the original colours I picked out.

The second colour from the bottom is different.  I saw it and liked it, but know I think that it might be too bright to go with the other three blues.

I have also picked out the lining and I chose a dark colour as well.  I am going to have the dark colour at the front and sides and the lighter colours in between.

This is going to be a totally new experience since I haven't made clothes in years.  They never seemed to fit so I gave up trying.  Wish me luck.


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