Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kakabeka Quilt

Every block in this quilt is a 9-patch with a plain square in the center, confetti in the corners, and a chips-n-dip square on each side.  The pieces are turned differently in each block so that the blocks look different but they are all made up of the same 3 components.  I could have made all the blocks look the same but by turning the sections they came out so that they look like different blocks.  It was a challenge for me because I wanted the blocks to look different and yet still have the same 3 components to them.  This is the book I used to make this quilt.

Chips-N-Dip Block

Confetti Block

  I feels good to have finally finished it.  I started in the classes in October 2010.



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Hazel said...

I like it ,I may have to look for the book .