Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Getting organized

I have been trying to be more organized with all my patterns lately.  I have downloaded a lot of patterns and I print some of them, then when I want to make something I can't find the print out.  They are all saved on my hard drive and a thumb drive but sometimes it is easier to make something from the written page, but WHERE is it.  So I decided to do something about it.  I went to the dollar store and bought 19 packages of protective sleeves.

Then I went to Staples and bought some hanging file folders and a portable file tote, and today I went back and bought more hanging files.

This is the end result of two days of sorting.

But that is not all.  I had two binders and they are full too.

Now maybe I can find a pattern when I am looking for it.  I found so many patterns for placemats that I forgot I had and I could have used them when I was making all those placemats at Christmas time.  So, next time I know where to look for a pattern.


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