Sunday, October 16, 2011

Empty Bowls Caring Hearts

To-night I went to a dinner called "Empty Bowls Caring Hearts".  There were 335 people there all supporting local charities - The Thunder Bay Food Bank and Shelter House.  There was a line up to get in because if you got there early you were rewarded with a hand made bowl from the The Thunder Bay Potters Guild or a quilted placemat from the The Thunder Bay Quilter's Guild.  More people wanted the bowls and if they ran out of bowls you received a placemat.

A long line-up to get in.

Some of the crowd including our mayor.

Placemats and Bowls

Some of the pottery bowls

Lots of bowls and Placemats

There was also a silent auction of bowls and plates that were
autographed by celebrities.

Elizabeth Manley

Jack Layton & Billy Manzik

Fred Turner & Randy Bachman

Rick Mercer from the Mercer Report.

Joe Fiorito - local author

Good News Jazz Band

The bowl I selected by Ann McGoey

Maria's bowl by Alan Moon

A great night for a great cause.


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