Monday, June 13, 2016

Day five Travelling to Truro

Today was a travel day.  We left the hotel in Digby and took the Evangeline trail to Windsor.  We stopped for lunch in a cute cafe called Lisa's Cafe.  We kept trying to put places along the way into the GPS because we did not want to take the express highway but wanted to to some sightseeing along the way but it decided that we wanted to take the real back roads instead of the Glooscap trail.  After a few delays we finally got on the trail and made our way to Truro.  We didn't take any pictures along the way so I thought I would post a map so that you could see how far we drove today.

The first arrow is where we started.  The circle in the middle is Windsor where we stopped for lunch and the arrow on the left is Truro.

This is just a stop over as we leave for PEI tomorrow and will be staying in Charlottetown for 3 days.  I know that there are quilt shops there so I will be stopping at a few.


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