Friday, June 17, 2016

Day Nine Heading to Cape Breton Island

The sun was shining this morning when we got up but it was still cool.  By the time we had breakfast and packed up to check out of our hotel, the temperature went up to 16 C.  A nice change from 8 C yesterday.  We decided to walk around down town some more because the provincial legislature is just a few blocks from our hotel. 

Part of the Provincial Legislature.

A closer look at the war memorial.

We walked around the building instead of taking the street and came across more buildings and a sign.

1864 was the year of the Charlottetown conference when there was great discussion about the provinces joining together to become Canada.

We left downtown and got on the road again.  This time we were heading for the ferry to take us back to Nova Scotia and to Cape Breton Island.

The Ferry Coming In

View from the Ferry

A lighthouse and a beach near the ferry port.  The buildings are change houses and picnic bench enclosures.  We saw them at Basin head too.

We landed in Nova Scotia and drove to Port Hawkesbury on Cape Breton Island so that we will have a good jump on the day tomorrow when we drive the Cabot Trail around the Island.


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