Thursday, June 16, 2016

Day Three in Charlottetown

This morning the sun decided to shine.  We started off today driving to East Point on the Eastern side of the Island.  This is the furthest point North on the Eastern side. We were heading for the East Point Lighthouse.  

When we entered the lighthouse they said that we could climb to the top if we would like to.  So for $5 we took them up on it.  

View from the top.

There was a fishing boat out in the water.

These were the very steep stairs leading to the top.

We left East Point and when we were heading home we stopped at Basin Head Provincial Park so that we could see the beach.

The Beach

We could see a very large ship out in the water and didn't know what it was or where it was going.

The wind was really strong and it was cold, notice that I have my gloves on.

The Souris Lighthouse

As we drove into Souris we could see the ship again that we saw at Basin Head.  It was a ferry boat carrying large transport trucks and cars back and forth to Ile de Madeleine or the Magdalen  Islands.  

We watched it turn around and dock.

We then decided that it was lunch time and stopped at a cute little cafe called The Blue Fin.

Just down the road was a lobster and seafood take out that had a large parking lot right beside the ocean and the tide was going out so of course we had to walk on the ocean floor again.

It was like walking on corduroy.

I got a great picture of a mussel shell when the tide was out.

Now it was time to head back to Charlottetown.  It would take us over and hour and a half and it was now after 2 pm.  We wanted to walk around downtown and see a few of the sites there.

We found Sir John A MacDonald

The John Hamilton Grays
At the Charlottetown Conference of 1864 when confederation was being discussed there were two men called John Hamilton Gray.

We also found St Dunstan's Cathedral and the strange thing about that is that when we were children living in Toronto we went to St Dunstan's school and church.

The ice cream that is considered to be the best ice cream on the island is called Cow's.  We found the statue of "the" cow.

We enjoyed a Cow's ice cream cone even though it was freezing outside.

Tomorrow we take the ferry and head back to Nova Scotia.

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