Thursday, August 25, 2016

More Amish Star Hot Pads

I was with a few friends in July and we learned how to make the Amish Star Hot Pads.  The pattern showed how to make them round but I don't think mine was exactly round and that bugged me so I thought I would try to make it square.  The round one also called for bias binding and since that uses a lot of fabric I didn't like that either.

My first Amish Star Mat.

I don't think it is truly round.

I like the square ones better so I decided to make my older sister two of them for her birthday.  Carole will be 79 in October and I am going to Southern Ontario in September to visit my granddaughter so I will also visit with Carole.  Lynda and I went to Florida in January 2015 when my brother turned 79 and I am so glad that we did because he passed away this past January.  Not that I suspect that there is anything in Carole's near future but as we get older it is good to stay in touch when we all live so far apart.  Jobs and marriage have separated us over the past years.

A blue and gold Amish Star.

A fall Amish Star.

The middle star looks funny because I didn't pay attention to where the green leaves on the fabric were.  The middle would be better if it was all orange.  I certainly am not going to rip it out but I will watch how I fold the pieces next time I make one.  I was thinking that I might make a few for the guild booth at our next quilt show coming in April 2017.
There is a link to the pattern in an earlier post.

I have to finish the two table runners I am working on first.  I want them for my hall table.  It needs to be freshened up.


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