Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tiki Patchworks & Covent Garden

We went to the tower of London yesterday. There is a lot of pageantry there with many people dressed on period costume. It has great deal of history attached to it because of all the people who were imprisoned there and lots that were be-headed there. It was very interesting.

Today we went to Tiki Patchworks in Surrey and purchased some fabric and a purse pattern. We didn't have to pay extra to travel out of our zone because a nice train man told us all we had to do was take a bus. Lynda and I both purchased Union Jack cushion kits. I will be the lucky person who will get to make them. We found a Poundland store and of course had to go in. I found a pair of reading glasses for 1£.

After lunch we took the Underground to Covent Garden, which isn't a garden but hundreds of shops selling everything from food to souvenirs to high end clothing. It was a great place to spend the afternoon browsing around.

We are leaving this hotel tomorrow and going to the Gatwick Hilton overnight because we fly out early Saturday morning, so we came back to the hotel early so we could get our packing started. We went back to Covent Garden to find some dinner. We ate at the Nags Head pub. We have eaten at a lot of pubs here in England. !!


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