Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What would London UK be without rain??

We arrived on Saturday with overcast skies. It rained on Sunday, it rained on Monday when we were on the bus, (thankfully when we were not at Stonehenge) and it poured rain all day today. I am not enjoying this rain but I am enjoying my time here.

Today we took the tube to Waterloo station and then the train to surrey to Hampton Court Palace. This is the Palace where Henry VIII lived. It is a large palace with many rooms and long dark cold hallways. We are members of the Historic Royal Palaces which gives us free admission to 5 of the palaces here in London. There is also a members room where we can sit on private to eat our lunch or have tea. The volunteer on duty couldn't get the tea machine to work so she went to the cafe and bought us tea, because she felt so bad. She reminded me of Mrs bucket of Keeping Up Appearances.

After that we walked around Piccadilly Circus and bought new London umbrellas.


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Anonymous said...

Starting to sound like your NL visit - you should be use to the rain and cold... but sounds like you are enjoying yourself.